Photos: Sandhurst 2007

This is the boat site. It was one of the first few sites. There was a zodiac boat on the shore and we had to pick it up, get it in the water, then move around some bouys in the water as quickly as possible. I was at the rear-left of the boat.

This is the team running from the boat site to the next site. The distances between the sites varied, but the total movement was about 7 miles.

This is the last site of the course, called the Comm's Challenge. It's a complicated surprise obstacle that usually consists mostly of tests of strength. One part of it in 2007 was a set up pull-up bars where the squad had to do as many pull-ups between the nine of them as possible. The guys facing the camera are JP Kriegbaum to the left and Nate Whipple to the right. I'm at the far right.

This is the DMI 6 challenge. It's another surprise event, but this one occurs after the time has stopped and is mostly meant just for fun. It'll usually be something really hard that you can't really train for (kind of like bonus points). In this case, it was a hatchet throw. They picked three of us randomly (me, Emerson, and Erin) and gave us each three throws. Erin stuck one of them, but Emerson and I missed all three.

During the competition, the companies are extremely supportive. This is me and one of my friends, Ernie Lee, after the course. Most of the company runs through the course behind their team.