Photos: Romania, Winter 2007/08

This is one of the large Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in Iasi. Iasi is the most important city of the Moldavia region of Romania.

This is the statue of Stephen the Great in front of the Cultural Palace in Iasi. Stephen the Great, a Moldavian ruler from the 15th century, is one of Romania's national heroes.

This a painting from one of the hallways of the University of Iasi, the oldest modern university in Romania.

This is a military high school in Campulung, a town in Bucovina. There are several military high schools in Romania whose graduates funnel into the military academies. This is the school where my friend, Sebi, went.

This is Vatra Dornei, a ski resort in Bucovina. The town is a popular place for Romanians to vacation.

This is me with Sebi at the Voronet Monastery in Bucovina. This is one of several famous painted monasteries in Bucovina.

This is me with Sebi and Sylvia in front of the Casa Poporului ("The People's House") in Bucharest. It is a government building where the Romanian parliament meets. It is also the second largest building in the world behind the Pentagon.

It snowed a lot in Bucharest. I ended up staying an extra day because the snow caused my flight to be cancelled.