Photos: Egypt, Summer 2007

These are the famous pyramids at Giza, located just outside Cairo. Each one was built for a single ruler.

This is the inside of the Hanging Church, a famous Coptic church in Cairo. Christians are a minority in Egypt, but a significant one.

This is the inside of the Mosque of Muhammed Ali, named for the 19th century Ottoman ruler of Egypt who modernized the country.

We rode camels halfway up Mount Sinai, then walked the rest of the way. This is the camel I rode. His name is Hasfud and his owner's name is Abdul.

This is the top of Mount Sinai just after dawn. To the right is the edge of the small Greek Orthodox chapel on top of the mountain.

This is me with my brother, Lowell, riding camels in Luxor. In Ancient Egyptian times, Luxor was called Thebes and was one of the most important cities in Egypt.

This is inside the Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo. It is the oldest mosque in Cairo and the largest in terms of land area.

This is the courtyard of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun. The tower with the helical stairway in the background is a minaret.

This is the inside of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan in Cairo. The mosque is also a religious school with a separate section for each of the four major schools of thought within Sunni Islam.